About Us

Under the direction of Vladimir Cvetkoski, renowned web developer (WordPress, Joomla) and Milosh Grkovski, wizard graphic designer, for nearly a decade, OneMagnetic is the ultimate solution to all of your business optimization needs.  Using all facets of internet marketing, OneMagnetic can take you brand to the next level. Our business is making your business successful.


How We Do It


OneMagnetic and its employees have a broad collective knowledge of mobile apps, graphic design, social media outlets, web hosting and design, security, and search engine optimization.  To make your business stand out from the rest, OneMagnetic will take your brand/company/event and put it in the spotlight.


With a top of the line graphic design team, OneMagnetic will give your online presence a professional, polished look that stands out from the rest.  Whether it’s mobile applications or simple website design, your business will have a “top dollar” look without the top dollar price.


OneMagnetic offers solutions to all e-marketing problems.  The experts employed by OneMagnetic know how to increase company visibility and presence in order to maximize prospective client interest.  Potential customers will not simply “like” your business or product and move on to the next; they will see a high quality tool or product and seek out your business of their own accord.  Your brand will be managed professionally and skillfully to maximize your online presence and increase revenue exponentially.


Web hosting plays a crucial role in success online, which is why OneMagnetic utilizes the safest and most effective tools, applications, and designs for you (at a reasonable price).  To streamline web presence, OneMagnetic employs tools that collect essential data on how people end up on your website and how much time they spend there.  This makes it easy to pinpoint what keeps the public’s attention and what marketing strategies to emphasize and spend more time developing.